MVSD Covid Dashboard

The Missisquoi Valley School District is committed to notifying the school community whenever there is a confirmed positive case of COVID 19 where the individual was infectious at school.  For much of the school year, we have notified families by email. Due to the number of cases this winter, we have been asked to notify families differently.

The result is the creation of this COVID 19 Reporting Dashboard.  The dashboard will update every Wednesday and Friday with any confirmed cases of individuals who are infectious at school.

As always all close contacts will be identified and notified of the Vermont Department of Health quarantine and testing expectations.  

We recommend that you take action to help limit the spread of COVID-19, even if your child is not experiencing symptoms.

The most important things you can do:

Learn more about what happens when there is a case in a school.

What’s Included in the Table?

The table reflects when someone with COVID-19 was at a K-12 learning community location
while infectious, which means there were opportunities to spread the virus to others in the
learning community.

  • Cases confirmed by PCR test and probable cases.
  • Locations include school grounds, at a school organized or sanctioned event (e.g. sporting events), or other places related to school operations (e.g. bus rides).
  • Cases include members of the school community, like staff, students, faculty, bus drivers, and kitchen staff.
  • These counts represent cases by school, not by individual. For example, if someone works at or attends more than one school, they will be counted under each school if it was determined through contact tracing that the person was in both locations during their infectious period.

What’s Not Included in the Table?

People in the learning community with COVID-19 who were not at school during their
infectious period are NOT included. In these cases, someone may have been exposed to the
virus either in or outside of school, but there would NOT have been an opportunity to spread
the virus to other people in the learning community.

When is this table updated?

This table will be updated on Tuesdays and Fridays with data through the previous Sunday
and Wednesday, respectively. Data are accurate as of the date above. New information is
learned through contact tracing and may change the counts as we learn more.