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Facility Projects

Latest Updates on MVSD Construction




An expansion is coming to Franklin Central School. See how it's going in the videos below.



Highgate received some improvements to their kitchen as well as a new outdoor classroom over the summer! See some of the process in the video below.



MVU's roof project is well under way with phase 2 now complete. The video below shows some of the work that was done over the summer.
MVU has a new electric sign. See it being installed in the video below!



The Vermont Legislature has created the School Construction Aid Task Force that is currently in process of assessing all of our school facilities to determine any necessary construction needs to ensure our students are able to learn in a safe and healthy environment. We hope to publish the findings when they are made publicly available, and in the meantime will continue to work toward the goals in our Capital Plan based on the previous assessments of the district facilities that were completed in 2021 by EEI Inc.


View the 2021 Assesments Here.